COURSES: Mandatory 2010 RSEP

2010 Reform
2010 Reform

You don't have a learner's permit.

Since January 17th 2010 all prospective drivers must successfully complete both a theoretical and a practical course recognized by a body approved by the Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec. This course aptly named the Road Safety Education Program sanctioned by the SAAQ and offered at certified driving schools consist of 24 hours of in-class theory and 15 hours of practical driving sessions.

The Road Safety Education Program is separated into 4 phases which alternate lessons on theory (Module 1 to 12, 2 hours each). And lessons on practical training (in-car sessions 1 to 15). In all, there are 39 hours in which the student must attend the driving school, this does not include homework and class prep.

Theoretical Training Evaluation

You obtain your learner's license when you pass the first test. For the second written evaluation, ten (10) months after getting your learner's license, you go to a SAAQ service centre to write the knowledge test. You are eligible to pass the practical road exam provided you passed the theory test at the SAAQ and completed the mandatory driver's education program at our school.

Practical Training Evaluation

An evaluation of the practical training is given by the driving school during in-car sessions 5 and 10, and during session 15, which is the summary before the SAAQ road test. Twelve (12) months after getting your learner's license, you can go to a SAAQ service center to take the road test, as long as you have passed the SAAQ knowledge test and have proof that you have passed the driving course.

For your information here's the Road Safety Education Program at a glance .... Please consult the 2010 reform section of the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec for more details

PHASE 1 (10 hours 5 2-hour modules)

Minimum completion 5 weeks

Module 1 (2 hours in class) The Vehicle
Module 2 (2 hours in class) The Driver
Module 3 (2 hours in class) The Environment
Module 4 (2 hours in class) At-risk Behaviors
Module 5 (2 hours in class) Evaluation

Module 1 to 4 are independent of each other. They may be taken sequentially or not. N.B. By law, at least 1 month must elapse after starting the theory classes and before taking the theory exam.

After successful completion of Phase 1, student must go to an SAAQ service center in order to obtain the learner's license

PHASE 2 (8 hours)

Minimum completion time 1 month

Module 6 (2 hours in class) Accompanied Driving
In-Car Session 1 (1 hour)
In-Car Session 2 (1 hour)

Module 7 (2 hours in class) The OEA Driving Strategy
In-Car Session 3 (1 hour)
In-Car Session 4 (1 hour)

Module 6 and 7 are independent of each other. They may be taken sequentially or not

PHASE 3 (12 hours)

Minimum completion time 2 month Module 8 (2 hours in class) Speed
In-Car Session 5 (1 hour)
In-Car Session 6 (1 hour)

Module 9 (2 hours in class) Sharing the Road
In-Car Session 7 (1 hour)
In-Car Session 8 (1 hour)

Module 10 (2 hours in class) Alcohol and Drugs
In-Car Session 9 (1 hour)
In-Car Session 10 (1 hour)

Module 8, 9 and 10 must be completed sequentially. In car sessions 5 to 8 must have been completed prior to attending theory module 10

PHASE 4 (9 hours)

Minimum completion time 2 months

Module 11 (2 hours in class) Fatigue and Distractions
In-Car Session 11 (1 hour)
In-Car Session 12 - Team Class (1 hour)

Module 12 (2 hours in class) Eco-Driving
In-Car Session 13 - Team Class (1 hour)
In-car sesssion 12 and 13 are completed in a 2 hour session by a team of 2 students
In-Car Session 14 (1 hour)

Module 11 and 12 must be completed sequentially.


In-Car Session 15 - Synthesis (1 hour)

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