Most Asked Questions:

Are theory classes given in English ?

Yes, of course!

When do I get my learner's permit ?

After you have completed Phase 1 and successfully passed the theory exam at our school. You will be given an attestation to bring to an SAAQ outlet to have your learner's permit issued. At least 5 weeks must have elapsed between the time you first start class and completed phase 1. Phase 1 is comprised of 5 theory classes given by a teacher at our facilities.

Can I just take Phase 1 ?

The mandatory Quebec Road Safety Education program totals 39 hours. One cannot enroll by the hour, just take theory or just practice, in other words, one cannot take the courses a la carte or by bits and bites.

When can I take my theory classes ?

Weekdays afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.

I'm scared of driving downtown ...

Facts: At National driving school, aspiring drivers without sufficient experience in handling a vehicle are taught in lesser dense areas. Remember that a driving school car is a vehicle physically modified in order to provide driver's Ed. Did you know that your instructor has a brake pedal on his side of things and can actually stop the car on your behalf?

When can I take my practical driving lessons?

7 days a week from 8AM to 9PM at your convenience by appointment

Automatic or manual ?

Auto matic!

Are you certified ?

Yes! We are certified to provide both the classic course for holders of a valid Quebec learner's permit issued prior to January 17th 2010 AND the new 39 hours SAAQ sanctioned mandatory driver's ed for 2010-2011. All our vehicles are inspected by the CAA every 6 months. Only certified driving school can deliver attestation and certification documents.

AND Tell me verything about getting a driver's license in Quebec please.

You may want to check our website's section on the new mandatory driver's ed here AND the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec

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